Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Willie's Hideaways

My friend Willie, the mini pini, did some-thing quite amazing the other day. He is very fero-cious most of the time, but some-times he is a big baby. There was a thunder-storm and the thunder frightened him, so he ran into the laundry and hid behind the laundry basket. Ken wanted to give him his supper, so Steph lifted the basket and told him to go and eat his food. Willie was so scared he jumped into the tumble drier that Steph was taking the clothes from. We all laughed and Steph and Ken couldn't decide who was going to risk lifting him out. Steph made Ken do it. She told Willie that going round and round in the drier would be a lot worse than listening to the thunder. He usually hides under the couch. When he does that, Ken has to use the broom to sweep him out. I find it very odd that Willie is frightened by loud noises that can't hurt him, then tries to bite Steph and Ken and Sally, who would never hurt him. I guess mini pins aren't as smart as I am. 

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