Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My friend Clarence

I have lots of friends.  Clarence is one of them.  He is a big orange cat and Sally says that he thinks he is a dog.  I like to chase him around the house, although sometimes he gets a little bit angry when I catch him, and I don't like when he is angry with me.  Clarence eats delicious food.  Sometimes I try to steal it, but then Sally gets mad at me.  One really odd thing about Clarence is that he uses the bathroom in the house, in a box in Sally's room.  If I poop or pee in the house, Sally gets mad at me (so do Ken and Steph). I have never seen Sally get mad at Clarence for pooping and peeing in her room. I just don't understand Sally sometimes.  Clarence and I snuggle up sometimes. He is cuddly and warm and makes a funny noise, as if he had a motor.  That sometimes disturbs my sleep but I always manage to get back to sleep.  Another thing Clarence can do is jump over the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  I can't seem to do that no matter how I try. He also jumps on tables and counters, all sorts of places I can't get to.  Still I'd rather be a dog, even if it means I can't get to all the places Clarence can. Clarence did a naughty thing today.  There was a lovely vase of flowers on the table and Clarence knocked them over.  It was like it was raining under the table.  I thought it was quite funny, but Sally and Steph seemed annoyed.  I tried to drink some of the water and Sally shooed me away.  I don't understand why it is alright to drink some water, but not other water.  Things can be a little bit confusing for me sometimes. 

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  1. Love the picture of you and Clarence. It's quite adorable Mr. Harvey.