Monday, June 22, 2009

The Beauty Shop

Saturday was a very special day for me. At first I wasn't very happy because Sally went to work. Then I got quite worried because Steph and Ken put me in the car and said, "We are going to make you look all beautiful," and away we went. Sally tells me every day that I am beautiful so I didn't understand why they needed to take me anywhere. We went to see Al at the Bark-A-Lounge Groomers. Al is very nice but I was still worried when Steph and Ken left. Al had to carry me to the back because I wouldn't stand up and walk. Al picked me up and told me I was a big scared baby. I think that's a compliment. The groomer shampooed me and dried me and cut my hair and my nails and brushed and brushed me and tied a pretty scarf around my neck. Then Steph and Ken came to take me home. They were so happy to see me and kept telling me I was very beautiful and smelled very nice. Going home in the car, I was so happy I forgot to be frightened. I sat up on the back seat and looked out the window and when the car stopped at the red lights, people in other cars smiled at me. Steph said I was very brave. When I got home, Mollie and Willie were very pleased to see me and kept sniffing me because I smelled so nice. Then Sally came home from work and she was so delighted with me. She said my tail looked like a cheerleader's pompom when I wagged it. Usually, Mollie goes to see Al with me, but as I mentioned before, she has a lump between her eyes that Dr. Pasdo is going to remove on Wednesday. Steph says it is not a third eye. When that has been seen to, she can go to the groomers. The people at Bark-A-Lounge are very nice. Steph said perhaps she should have her hair done there because her hair dresser never gives her a pretty scarf. 

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  1. Harvey - you really are so cute!! Steph