Friday, June 12, 2009

My friend Olive

I have a friend who is like a secret friend. Olive is a small, pretty, gray cat with green eyes. She is a very shy cat and stays upstairs most of the time, unlike Clarence. Olive sleeps on the bed with Sally, Clarence and me. Although she is a very little cat, who is shy about strangers, she is actually very bossy. She's like  a Mollie-cat. She gets very annoyed with me and with Clarence when we mess around and she hisses at us and smacks us with her front paw. She is very little but she is very greedy and she panics if she thinks the food dish might soon be empty. She makes a terrible yowling noise and Steph and Ken yell "Sally, what is wrong with that cat?" She doesn't like the dogs very much, except for me, of course. Olive likes to lie down where it is warm, like the bathroom floor and Sally's TV. One day, she fell off the top of the TV and tried to pretend that it wasn't an accident but we all laughed at her anyway. Sometimes, she makes a terrible noise and throws up things called hairballs. Not very ladylike if you ask me!! I like to chase Olive.  It's not exactly a game because she gets very annoyed with me and Steph says, "Leave that cat alone!!" 

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