Thursday, June 11, 2009

My friend Mollie (I think)

Tonight I am going to tell everyone about the third dog that lives in this household. Her name is Mollie, and Steph and Ken and Sally sometimes call her Princess Mollie.  I think it's because she thinks she's royalty. It's very difficult to tell you fun things about Mollie because she is actually rather crabby. If I try to get on the couch that she is on, she tries to bite me. Sometimes if I just walk past her she tries to bite me. In her defense, I must say I think she hates all the dogs and cats in this house, but she does love Ken and Steph and Sally very much. Mollie has grown a lump between her eyes.  I try not to laugh but I think it looks as if she is going to get a third eye. I hope it doesn't hurt her but it does look funny. It's very strange but Steph buys her collars and harnesses and leads that are very pretty.  I think she should have things that have spikes on them because that is more her personality. She is very clever about one thing.  She watches TV and barks at animals on the TV and she actually makes them go away.  I don't know where they go but they do disappear. She is a very good dog about going outside and it's sort of annoying because when she tells Ken or Steph or Sally that she wants to go out, they make all of us go outside. I suppose that's because she is a princess. I must admit I am a little bit frightened by her. Every now and then I try to be her friend, but she doesn't seem to understand the rules. Instead of playing, she just tries to bite me. 

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