Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My friend Willie

Tonight I would like to introduce my friend Willie. Willie is a very unusual little dog. He is called something like Mini Pini.  We have lots of fun together.  Today we were chasing each other round and round and round and jumping on and off the couch. Steph was laughing at us.  But then it went wrong!! I thought Willie was going to jump on the couch, but he didn't, and I jumped on the couch and saw him on the floor and jumped straight down and landed right on top of him and squashed him!!!!! He made a very funny noise, just like our squeaky toys do.  Steph yelled, "Oh no Harvey, what have you done?" I just sat there and looked at Willie who was lying on the floor. Steph picked him up and patted him and said "I don't think you broke any bones".  She put Willie down and he rushed into his cage, and he wouldn't come out and play with me for a long time. But I was happy because then I sat with Steph. This evening Willie and I attacked Steph's slipper, so now we are friends again.

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