Thursday, June 25, 2009

Behind The Story - Harvey's Blog

Today was rather a quiet day. When Steph is doing her errands and Sally and Ken are at work, we have to stay in our cages, so we just sleep. All the adventures I talk about in my blog really do happen, but for adventures to happen, we need to be out of our cages. Steph says that all families have adventures like ours, but generally people and dogs don't think to talk about them. In this family, we are easily amused and easily shocked, so there is always something to talk about. Ken keeps his camera on the table, ready to record the events. Yesterday, Mollie went to work with Sally, and Dr. Pasdo removed her third eye. I felt quite sorry for her when Steph brought her home because she has stitches in her face. She slept the rest of the day and we left her alone. That is always a good idea with Mollie because she can be quite nasty anyway. I didn't understand why Sally took Mollie out and not me but when Mollie came back, I was glad it was her and not me. Steph said "I don't know why you're upset, Harvey. You don't like going out anyway", which is true!! So when you read my blogs, you will know they really happened. We're not including Mollie in the blog photo today, because she wouldn't let anyone to see her cosmetic surgery.

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