Sunday, January 8, 2012

Updates on our resolutions.

In my last blog, I told you about the resolutions that I was going to make everyone keep. It hasn't gone very well, so today, I think I will update you on each one. Mine is going very well. This morning I told Sally that we had to get my blog done nice and early. Sally wanted to eat breakfast and do some other things, so I was very patient and now we are working on it. I don't actually type - my paws are too big for the keys. If I try to type one letter, about 5 different letters come up on the screen. We sit on the couch in the living room, and I tell Sally what to write and she does it. Sally says this is called dictation.

The resolution I gave Sally was to not take me to the groomer or vet. Sally did a very good job until yesterday. I was all happy when she put my leash on - I'm not sure why because I don't even like walks. I was even happy and brave when we got in the car. Suddenly, when we pulled up outside the groomer, I realized Sally had betrayed me and was making me go to the beauty shop (that's what Sally calls the groomer). I hate it there, even though they are all nice to me and ooh and ahh over me. The one benefit is I smell very nice and Sally and Steph and Ken all want to cuddle me.

Ken's resolution was to give me as many freeze dried liver treats as I want. He never tried, not even for a day. The very first morning, I asked him for some and he said no. There is no arguing with Ken when he makes up his mind - Sally says he is stubborn like me - so I decided it would be better not to even try.

Steph's resolution was to take naps all day long so that I could nap with her. This sort of worked a couple of times, except Sally was the one who I napped with on one couch while Steph napped on another. Steph doesn't seem to want to take lots of naps and if she takes one upstairs, she never takes me with her. She says I can sleep on her bed, occasionally, but only under special circumstances. Apparently, daytime naps aren't special enough.

Mollie's resolution was to stop asking Ken and Sally to take her out all the time, since I have to go out whenever she does. I think Mollie is asking to go out even more than before her resolution so that I will have to go out even more than before!

Willie's resolution was to stop taking my toys and to start letting me win all the games we play. I don't think Willie understands resolutions very well, because he just does what he does, regardless of what people tell him to do.

Well, I think my resolution plan was definitely not a success. I have a whole year (that's a lot of blogs) to come up with new resolutions, so I will be better at getting everyone to do what I want next year. See you next week!

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