Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Resolutions (for everyone else!)

Sally told me that today is the start of a whole new year. She said that is why there were lots of scary people making lots of scary noise in the middle of the night last night. Sally also told me that on this day each year, everyone does something called making resolutions. These are things that people are going to do no matter what. I think that I am good enough already but Sally told me my resolution is going to be writing my blog every single week, even though it's Sally who doesn't help me turn on the computer, causing me to not be able to write my blog. I decided that since Sally told me what my resolution is going to be, I am going to tell all my friends what their resolutions are going to be. I'm going to make a list.

Sally: will no longer take Harvey to the groomer or the vet, because Harvey hates it.

Ken: will give Harvey as many freeze dried liver treats as Harvey wants, regardless of whether he poops outside or not (Harvey, not Ken!).

Steph: will take naps all day long so that Harvey can take naps with her all day long.

Mollie: will stop asking Ken and Sally to take them out all the time, since Harvey has to go out also whenever she does.

Willie: will stop taking toys from Harvey and start letting him win all the games they play.

I think that if I can make everyone do all these things, I am going to have a great coming year!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

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