Sunday, January 15, 2012

My upset tummy

I had a little bit of a problem this week. It all started with bones (or so Sally says). Every birthday and Christmas and sometimes in between, Santa or Sally or Steph or Ken gets me a rawhide bone. I love rawhide bones more than anything. They are tasty and fun to chew on. I can chew on one for hours and hours. This year, Santa got one each for, me, Mollie and Willie. Since I love them so much, I chewed on mine for a couple hours one night and then Mollie's the next night and then Willie's the night after that.

Well, the day after that, I got a very upset tummy. My tummy hurt and I had to go outside a lot. Sally said it was because of the the bones I had chewed but I don't think bones could ever make me feel unwell. I lay on the couch a lot and generally felt very sorry for myself. Everyone was very nice to me, even Mollie. The best thing was that Sally added rice to my breakfast and supper. Sally says that rice is something called a bland diet. I don't exactly know what a bland diet is, but it certainly tastes delicious. Sally said that if I didn't feel better, she would add chicken instead of my kibble.

On the second and third day, I still had an upset tummy but I felt really well and ran around. Sally said it was a good thing because if I was still upset she was going to take me to the vet. You know that I hate going to the vet, so I am glad I felt better. Steph told me that in the future, I could only chew my bones for a short while. She said "all things in moderation." I don't understand that but I think it means I don't get my bones as much as I would like.

Well, I finally felt all better and Sally said it looked like my tummy felt fine (which I could have told her - I don't know why she was telling me that!), so I celebrated by running up to the cats' room when no one was looking and eating a bowl of their food. I don't know why Steph and Sally got so upset. They should have been very happy that I was feeling so well.

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