Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Walk

I have had a very exciting afternoon. Everyday, Sally takes my friend Willie on a walk. Willie loves his walks and nags Sally all morning to take him. After Willie’s walk today, Mollie decided she really wanted to go too, even though her knees hurt! Well, when Sally said she would take Mollie, I was very upset. I wanted to go on a walk. So when Sally opened the front door to take Mollie out, for the first time ever I ran out. When I got outside, I was very excited but not very sure where to go, so I ran around and around the front yard and even went into the next yard over!! Sally and Steph were screaming, but not in an angry way. They just wanted me to come back. After I had run around for what seemed like a long time (Sally says it was about 20 seconds), I went back into the house and Sally and Mollie went for their walk. When Sally got home, I told her I wanted to go on a walk. Sally asked if I was sure, and I said yes, so she helped me put on my cupcake harness and we set off for a walk. I’m not sure exactly what I thought a walk was, but I hated it. We seemed to walk for miles and miles (Sally says it was around the block). I’m not sure what our house looks like from the outside so I kept trying to go in all the houses, and Sally laughed at me each time and said “Oh Harvey!”. Normally, when I am happy, I wag my tail. I was so upset that I let my tail drag on the ground and it got lots of leaves and bits of mud in it!! Steph wouldn’t let me sit on the couch until Sally picked all the bits out of my tail, and Sally says we are going to have to brush my tail tonight, which I hate!! I always thought walks sounded like lots of fun, and Mollie and Willie are always happy when they come home from them. I think in the future, I will stick to running around in the dog run!!

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  1. What a crabby expression!! lol - the moral of this story is "Be careful what you wish for"!! Steph