Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My sick friend

My friend Willie has been very unwell for several weeks. He suddenly just slowed right down and got very bad tempered. He stayed in his cage and didn’t want to play or even eat!!  I was very worried.  Steph and Sally took him to see Dr. Keller.  She did some tests and gave him fluids.  They put the fluids (I think that’s a doctor name for water) under his skin. It makes a big lump, but it goes away. Then he got even sadder, and Dr. Pasdo decided to remove a lymph node to “see what was going on”.  He gave Willie pills. Willie licked the wound and made it all nasty so now he has to wear an e collar – that’s like a lampshade. It’s healing very quickly. Dr. Pasdo also gave him some pills called PredMy goodness. What a difference they make! He rushes around, eats everything and has improved a lot. He still isn’t being like himself, but he’s much better. It seems he might have some sort of weird illness caused by a tick bite.. probably from years ago! Before he came to live with us! Isn’t that terrible? Ken, Sally and Steph have been paying him a lot of attention. A lot. Of attention. I don’t mind. I understand. He’s very sick. I’m not. A lot. Of attention. I hope he’s all better, very soon, so that things can get back to normal.

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