Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sitting on the Couch

My blog today is more about Willie than me. Well almost!! When I want to sit on the couch next to Sally or Steph, I jump onto the couch and lie down. Now that seems the right thing to do, but quite often, everyone yells, "Harvey, what are you doing?" and  it turns out that I'm on top of Willie or Clarence. Sally and Steph and Ken make a big fuss about rescuing whoever I've sat on. I don't know why because it doesn't bother me in the least. I'm quite comfortable as long as they don't move too much. Last night, I landed on Willie and he poked his head out from underneath my tail and it made everyone laugh because it looked as if he had a wig on. Sally says my tail is so beautiful that it makes a lovely wig. Willie must have thought so too because he stayed there long enough for Ken to take his picture.


  1. Harvey - I think Willie looks like a Chinese Crested with his "wig" on - you keep sitting wherever you are happy and comfortable!! - Sally

  2. Harvey - from the look in Willie's eyes I think you should be thankful he's a chihuahua and not a rottweiler! Steph